1. A

    yi 4k and 4k+ EIS range percentage

    I have both these cams, yi 4k and yi 4k+, and there is very noticeable difference in EIS stabilisation. yi 4k is more smoother... As there is just simple EIS on/off option in menu, I was a bit investigating how to set EIS more precisely. I got some logs from both cameras (with...
  2. woofwigeon12

    Any Updates/Customizations from 1.5.4 Firmware?

    Because all scripts/customizations (like XYC ,XiMode etc.) are supported by 1.2.13 firmware. I don't know the changelog of this latest firmware. My S/N is Z25L. pls check the poll and thanks
  3. H

    Using the Yi for scheduled video recording.

    Hello~ I'm in the process of trying to design/implement a video recording system, based on the Yi. Any advice/assistance that you may have, will be greatly appreciated. Little background: I have a NAS box, in this case it's a Netgear ReadyNAS based system with about 9TB of usable space. This...
  4. TheRadziu

    What memory card should I get? [stable 40Mbps+]

    Hello, Right now I'm looking for good micro sd card for my Xiaomi yi and I am in kind of rush since I'm going on a trip in 2 weeks. I need a card that can guarantee me stable 40Mbps (or higher) bitrate recording without cutting files and lowered the bitrate to about 20Mbps. Previously I got...
  5. C

    22L script and software

    Hi guys, I am new on this forum so bare with me. I own a 22L and was playing around with scripts and stuff but I can't seem to find what I am looking for. I use the camera for recording tennis games and take stills when going out with my son. I would love an all-around script that would give...