sd cards

  1. A

    SD cards recommended and not recommended by manufacturer

    Just thinking out loud here about SD cards for dash cams. Some issues on dash cams are/or could be down to particular types or brands of SD card used in the device. Some manufacturers supply their own SD cards with the devices but of a lower capacity. Users will tend to buy a higher capacity SD...
  2. naturelover

    Best micro SD for Git2P

    I am currently using Samsung Evo Select with 128 GB but I would like an alternative. Any tips or recommendations?
  3. Chris Hunt

    Best Dashcam MicroSD cards for 2019?

    Interested in anyone's thoughts or feedback on what are the best Micro SD cards for dashcam use. We have traditionally recommended Samsung EVO Plus but as time as technology change and card manufacturers upgrade and change their specs it would be good to know what is now working, OR not working...
  4. C

    Memory Capacity ?

    I've just bought a Vantrue T2, (link below), it doesn't come with a micro SD card so I'm looking at what capacity I would need to get say 8-10 hours before the card starts to overwrite. Vantrue T2 I intend to use it at these video settings: H.264 compressed format; 1920x1080P / 30fps I'd...
  5. I

    SD Cards!

    Can someone please clarify compatible SD cards for this model. Having read various threads there seems to be conflicting views. Tiffany says that 'any good Class 10 card should work'. here This is backed up by the Kingston site at...