1. D

    Where to buy an SGZC12RC in UK?

    Hi Guys (and Girls if any) I was looking for a small dashcam with park mode for a (very long) while. Considered BlackVue, Thinkware but all of those are huge. When finally found SGZC12RC I thought that my search is over. Unfortunately not, as they are very expensive and with very limited...
  2. kajmac

    Comparison: SGZC12RC-V2 vs Mini 0806

  3. Will70

    2 Mobius or 1 Lukas 7950 or a Blackvue 550 or 650

    Newbie here. I am really perplexed! So many choices. I thought I knew what I wanted but need some help. If one had to choose between using either 2 Mobius one in front in back Or Lukas 7950 dual or a Blackvue 550 or 650 what would be the most sound choice. One of my criteria is small rear...
  4. D

    RAW video samples and temperature issues

    Hello, I'm thinking about buying a SGZC12RC, especially because its lens is really small so it can be easily concealed which is a must for me. However, I haven't found any raw video samples of the camera. Could somebody tell me where can I download raw footage with different lighting...