Where to buy an SGZC12RC in UK?


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Nov 1, 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi Guys (and Girls if any)

I was looking for a small dashcam with park mode for a (very long) while. Considered BlackVue, Thinkware but all of those are huge. When finally found SGZC12RC I thought that my search is over. Unfortunately not, as they are very expensive and with very limited availability. Cheapest I've found is £199.00 on Amazon UK when seeing it on some old post for 99$. Is it normal price for now?
I don't think it was ever $99. Go to hiniko.com. He is Niko on these forums and will sort you out. Based in Ireland, but the camera will be with you in a couple of days once paid for, no problem. Also got great aftercare and support if you need it!

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seeing it on some old post for 99$. Is it normal price for now?

It never been 99$. Maybe you forgot to add number 1 at the beginning ? ;)
Yes, maybe in the past ( I don't remember ) it might have been 199$ on USA Amazon, but for UK / EU market 199£ is normal price considering all huge import / duty / VAT etc. taxes which US market doesn't have to pay.
SGZC12RC you linked to Amazon is FBA ( Fulfilled by Amazon ). It is UK stock and with option for Next Day Delivery.
My fault, in the review there was mention about 99$ rear camera not the dashcam itself. Thanks for clarification.