side cams

  1. C

    360 Coverage | 2013 Chrysler 300C

    My primary issue is careless people in public parking spaces, but I also wanted to purchase a setup that would provide coverage while driving. So, I have purchased the following: Dashcam: BlackVue DR900S-2CH I have zero complaints about the BlackVue. However, as I am sure all of you are...
  2. omgomgomgsecurity

    Is there such thing as a side view dashcam? (For your car doors)

    Hi all, just wondering if there is such thing as a side view dash cam that will watch the sides of your car? Like the doors and stuff
  3. V

    Using front and rear cams for the sides as well...

    Hi, I live at a condo complex and over the years have gotten about 20 dings in each door. I originally wanted a 4 cam system for my hatchback, front, rear and both sides, motion sensor recording 24/7 but its expensive and would need extra batteries and would not get the recording time needed...
  4. poodlewidamohawk

    12-hour always-on parking mode from 4 cams. Is this do-able?

    The one and only electronics shop in town who might tackle the install doesn't have good cams, so I need to order something cost effective, yet...effective. My car was vandalized, and it's making me anxious that I don't have "eyes" on it yet in case they hit again. (Or in case they want to see...