1. TeriTerryTarry

    Deleting Files in Camera - SJ4000 Wi-Fi

    While it's much easier to delete individual files after they've been downloaded to a computer, I really enjoy direct playback from the camera on my TV using the HDMI connection. Therefore I like to get rid of selected (the most embarrassing!) photos and videos before playback. I can delete...
  2. TeriTerryTarry

    File Name - SJ4000 Wi-Fi

    In Playback mode on the display of my SJ4000 Wi-Fi, the file name is a string of letters and numbers across the bottom of the display. The field description is YY_MMDD_FFFFFF_SSS.XXX where Y = year, M = month, D = day, F = file number, S = ???, and XXX is either MOV video or JPG photo. The...
  3. TeriTerryTarry

    Webcam Function Doesn't Work - SJ4000 Wi-Fi

    I've had four SJ4000 Wi-Fi cameras and none of them has worked as a webcam. When I connected them to the computer (PC, Windows 7) via USB and got the camera screen asking Mass Storage or PC Camera then selected PC Camera, nothing happened. When I contacted they sent me a...
  4. nrwd87

    Newbie Questions!

    Hi All! I am travelling to Thailand at the end of the month and am going to buy one of these. (SJ5000 Plus) I have a few questions though: 1. Is the standard lens fisheye (wide angle)? Or can you switch this on the settings? I cant seem to find additional lens options online. 2. Is there a...
  5. Nathyn Masters

    SJ4000 Filmmaking. Anyone?

    I am starting a series on Filmmaking with the SJCams and similar cameras, but it's really going to be based around the SJCam line of cameras. I have the 4000 and plan to get the 5000x. Here's some samples of the series. Is this of interest to anyone here? -Nate
  6. Pavle

    SJCAM SJ500X, SJX1000, SJ5000X Elite - differences, opinons, critics?

    Hi guys, I wanted to create a side by side specs comparison of newly released SJCAM models that they released. Image is from my website, and it is subject to change. For live changes, check the link below. Full side by side comparison with tables can be seen here |...
  7. R

    Problems with Night Recording As Dash Cam

    I have an SJ4000. I took a trip down to Manchester and set my SJ up as a dash cam. In the day light I ended up with 10 x 10min cyclic recordings 10.4 Gb For the return journey I ended up with 117 files 3.2Gb with the files running from 10 minutes down to 30 seconds. The only settings that I...