1. M

    SJ4000 basic\First batch Briked or not ?

    Good day. I have a problem with a SJ4000 non wifi camera 1,5 inch display. It was given to me from my friend because it didn't work. And i asumed that I can repair it. Looked like a firmeware problem so i started to dig in. Did my research and i saw it's pretty common. When i got it i saw the...
  2. A

    SJ4000 sharpness settings inverted?

    check out this video: I tested it myself and it's true. With sharpness=STRONG the image doesn't have that white line between colors, and with sharpness=SOFT the white line is the most visible. so apparently the SJCAM manufacturer mislabeled sharpness settings and actually STRONG means no...
  3. A

    All the files on micro SD card are write-protected!

    When I connect the camera to the computer through the USB cable I cannot make any changes to the card because the videos show up as write protected. How to disable this protection?
  4. T

    SJ4000 i need some help with measurements please

    i need some measurements from sj4000 camera and waterproof case please. i have a sj7 star but there is not much available for this but there is for the sj4000 and sj5000 a lot more things. can someone measure the square on the water proof case that goes over the lens in millimetres and also...
  5. T

    sjcam sj7 star accessories & alternative products

    so i bought a sjcam sj7 star itsa good camera i had firmware i think it was 1.05 but i updated to the latest 1.13 which fixed some issues thankfully. so i want to buy accessories but there isnt much available specific to the sj7 star so im finding it difficult to find anything i would like. im...
  6. A

    Is my SJ4000 bricked or ?

    Hi, I got SJ4000 from aliexpress (not know original or not). It has 1.5 screen and wifi. I used only in summers two or less times. Today I tried in my car as dash cam. I made the changes to start recording while charging to recording while driving there is no problem. It started to recording...
  7. L

    SJ4000 WIFI running hot as dashcam (charging during use)

    I have purchased a SJ4000 WIFI and used as a dashcam for period of time. I noticed the camera can get extreme hot at the end of each drive (about 10-40minute), with the camera being consistently charging with usb charger in the car. Is this normal or should I be concern the heat can greatly...
  8. S

    Ebay listings for SJ4000

    Hi, I was looking at the ebay listing for the SJ4000 clones and it seems to be at 20USD. Can anyone tell me which chipset they are using:
  9. TeriTerryTarry

    Image Size - What Does It Really Mean

    On my SJ4000 Wi-Fi there are menu selections for Image Size of 640 x 480 up to 4032 x 3024. In another thread I've already posted information about interpolation and I think I understand that pretty well, but then again . . . I did an experiment where I took a photo of the same scene at each...
  10. TeriTerryTarry

    ISO and Exposure - What Do They Really Mean?

    The SJ4000 Wi-Fi has menu settings for ISO and Exposure but what do these really mean? I know that ISO has to do with sensitivity to light - the higher the ISO the greater the sensitivity. But when you change the setting, what's happening inside the camera to make this change come about? The...
  11. TeriTerryTarry

    Quality and Sharpness - What Do They Mean?

    On an SJ4000 Wi-Fi there are menu settings for Quality and Sharpness, but what do these terms really mean? Do they apply to recording videos and taking photos? What does the image processor do when these settings are changed? In the world of full-featured digital cameras or camcorders would...
  12. S

    Sjcam sj4000 running temperatures

    Hello, I own a SJCAM SJ4000 wi-fi and I am experimenting some problems at low temperatures. First time i tried to film it was very cold, below -15°C , i managed to film for like 5 mins , but it was not fully charged. Second time I tried to film, i made sure the camera si fully charged. It was...
  13. TeriTerryTarry

    Using AV Cable to Watch and Record Simultaneously

    Has anyone used a cable with a micro USB connector at one end and an RCA plug on the other, connected the camera to a TV or monitor, and recorded video or taken pictures on the camera while simultaneously seeing the live view on the TV? SJCam claims the camera has this capability but was never...
  14. TeriTerryTarry

    Range of Motion Detection - SJ4000 Wi-Fi

    On three of three cameras that I checked, the range of Motion Detection was only about 5cm (2 inches). In an e-mail from the manufacturer (see below) they claim a range of 10 meters (about 33 feet). I wonder what range other Dash Cam Talk members have gotten with their cameras. Has anyone...
  15. TeriTerryTarry

    Updating the Dash Cam Talk Web Page for the SJ4000

    Is this the right forum to ask about the Dash Cam Talk web page for the SJ4000? Currently the web page list of firmware updates is out-of-date and it makes the following statement which I thought was no longer true: "VIOFO is Hongfeng ‘s partner for marketing...
  16. TeriTerryTarry

    The Effects of Changing Exposure Settings - SJ4000 Wi-Fi

    I decided to check how varying the exposure setting while holding other settings constant would affect the appearance of photographs of the same scene. I took pictures of my "junk room" (I apologize for the embarrassing mess.) with the camera set at Quality Normal, Sharpness Strong, White...
  17. TeriTerryTarry

    Unpopulated Lists During Delete - SJ4000 Wi-Fi

    While deleting files I came across the screens you see in the attached photos. How did I get there? 1. Go to Setup menu. 2. Choose Delete. 3. Highlight "Delete Current?" or "Delete All?" (makes no difference). 4. Press the Mode button. The first screen showing a blank list appears. The first...
  18. Nathyn Masters

    SJ4000 Giveaway Starting Today

    I'm giving away my SJ4000. If you want it, check out the giveaway, no purchase necessary. -Nate
  19. TeriTerryTarry

    Image Stabilizer - Photo, Video or Both

    I've been perplexed by the question of whether the image stabilizer for the SJ4000 Wi-Fi works in record mode, camera mode or both. According to an e-mail from, it works only when recording videos. Most website and video reviews of the camera that address the question say...
  20. Pavle

    SJ4000 Manual (PDF included)

    LONG STORY SHORT : if anyone needs step by step instructions on how to use SJ4000 (works with M10, SJ4000+ and even SJ5000) SJ4000 web guide PDF guide (LATEST VERSION 4.2) Short story long : My recommendation for newbies has always been to take a camera...