sj7 star

  1. Blink Blink

    SJcam S7 Star With External Microphone

    Purchased a SJCcam S7 star with an external microphone a while ago. To be honest, it has performed way beyond my expectations (video clarity and voice quality). My only headache is the wind noise it picks in my helmet (when the helmet is open slightly or I am riding on the motorway).
  2. TonyCams

    SJ7 Star RAW Ambarella A12 Work-around - Linux Skills Needed

    Hey guys, If there are any programmers out there with SJ7, then this SJ7 RAW thread may be for you :)
  3. T

    Sjcam sj7 star timelapse

    How can i setup either photo or video time lapse? I tried photo setting to 1 photo every few seconds but it dpesnt seem to work. Couldnt find anything in the manual either. Is there a full manual? Or am i just being stupid? Lol. Thanks in advance
  4. AccordingOne

    SJ 7 Video quality in motion

    I've been looking for action cam lately and when i saw SJ 7 Star it seemed perfect to me at first. So i started to look for a sample videos and over all it was decent, but then i've seen some dynamic ones and i found out that during rapid action there are many noise's on footage and it's...
  5. TeriTerryTarry

    SJ7 Warped and Deformed

    After 3 hours of use as a dash camera my SJ7 became warped and deformed. I was using it with the battery removed, powered by a USB power bank. It was mid-afternoon in Georgia, USA. Outside temp was about 29°C (85°F) with the A/C running in my vehicle and one stop of about 30 minutes with the...
  6. T

    SJ4000 i need some help with measurements please

    i need some measurements from sj4000 camera and waterproof case please. i have a sj7 star but there is not much available for this but there is for the sj4000 and sj5000 a lot more things. can someone measure the square on the water proof case that goes over the lens in millimetres and also...
  7. T

    sjcam sj7 star accessories & alternative products

    so i bought a sjcam sj7 star itsa good camera i had firmware i think it was 1.05 but i updated to the latest 1.13 which fixed some issues thankfully. so i want to buy accessories but there isnt much available specific to the sj7 star so im finding it difficult to find anything i would like. im...
  8. Ferdi

    My latest videotest with the Firm 1.13

    My latest VideoTest about the Firm 1.13 Beta. For me is very good, the FOV is not present yet, but i think is not so important, because we have the 16:9 (about 120/135 degree) ant the SV (superview about 140/150 degree). For me the exposition is very good and also the colors. The Gyro is a bit...
  9. Agie

    Mega Dash Cam Comparison (Viofo vs. Xiaomi vs. Chupad vs. SJCAM vs. ThiEYE vs. Vasens vs. Mini)

    Thought I'd do something a little different tonight, and create a mega comparison between eight models of dash cameras, as a guide for potential buyers out there. Do bear in mind that these are my opinions only, and check out the full reviews of these dash cameras for even more information...
  10. salesberg

    SJCAM SJ7 Review is now online

    Hi everyone. The following is my review of the SJ7. It was at the time running Firmware version 1.02. Hope you like it. Regards.
  11. Ferdi

    My Thieye T5 compared with SJ7 Star In Juventus Stadium and Museum

    This one is my comparation about the ThiEYE T5 and the SJ7 Star. 1080P 60fps, What you like?
  12. TonyCams

    SJCAM SJ7 Star Tester Units arriving tonight

    We will send out 1-2 tester / prototype units for the SJ7 Star. Please PM me (better yet email if you are an action cam expert and can provide constructive feedback on how to make firmware improvements, find bugs, and maybe even shoot nice footage & edit for youtube channels...