1. ryanjay88

    Help Possibly Extending Video Record Times w/ VAVA DASH-CAM: VA-CD001

    Hello, I looked around a bit and couldn't see any information or support groups that may be able to assist me. I tried searching Sony's site and nothing so apologies if I am asking in the wrong place. I recently got the VAVA VA-CD001 Dash-Cam for my truck and it was fairly easy to install &...
  2. T

    Should I buy this CCTV camera off AliExpress?

    Hi folks, I want to buy a dome or turret CCTV camera that contains a Sony IMX 291 chip and is also POE (power over ethernet). Ideally the lens would be fisheye, or close to it. I have found this one that meets my needs on AliExpress, but buying from there is always a roll of the dice. I'm...
  3. BCHobbyist

    VIOFO A119S Dashcam Hot Pixel Repair

    The supposedly improved low-light Sony IMX291 sensor in the A119S Dashcam continues to receive complainants about Hot Pixel white dots on night time video clips. I was contacted about repair options but first had to verify these white dots were caused by the sensor and not dust trapped in the...
  4. Viking

    WR1 unboxing

    I just got a WR1, look very nice.
  5. nutsey

    V60S Action Camera Review.

    V60S Action Camera Review Technical Specifications SoC: Allwinner V3 Sensor: 8Mp 1/3.2” Sony IMX179s (1.4 μm pixel) Lens: Wide-angle 170-degree FOV (diagonal) Display: 2-inch LCD TFT screen, 320x240 Video resolutions and format: 4K@30 fps, 2.7K@30 fps, 1080P@60/30 fps, 720P@120/60/30 fps...
  6. Andrei Vladimirovich

    Review: Viofo A119s

    Well known that the original firmware shipped with the A119s was murky at night. So I've decided to do not film any review on a some beta version and waited for a proper one. Finally v1.2 was released so here we are. So - new model "S"! It is a completely different one with the original A119...