1. Abana Mat

    Lukas / Qvia products are bad, and Service Team are petty thieves (IMHO)

    in addendum to this post, but exceeding coleagues' bad experience: had two R935 dashcams, both BNIB from eBay trader (since there is no dealer nearby). Installed one of them ('1st') in professional workshop, another unit ('2nd') remained sealed in original box. 1st unit worked quite well for...
  2. P

    Camera died after being left in the car for three weeks

    Hello I've bought this camera (Model YCS.1A17 from Amazon) a few weeks ago. Now after three weeks of no use it won't turn on or respond to any button, even the reset button. The camera was actually left running in the car, connected to the charger for at least a week until the car battery ran...
  3. W

    Rexing V1LG heat problem and poor support

    I purchased the Rexing V1LG based on it has 170 view angle, high operating temperature range (-10c to 70C), good sample of video review on YouTube, GPS & dual camera. After installing it on my car, I found it has been working great and no issue as the weather has been on the cool side. Problem...