1. GTA Driver

    Tesla "side cam" catches an Uber door dinger

    This video could go into other sub forums such as factory installed dash cams OR into the side cam forum. Thought I would post here as it shows the value of a side cam, but also it appears Tesla has improved its video. You may able to sue a taxi company over something like this, but I don't...
  2. T

    Two channel camera with parking mode for electric car?

    I just installed a Blackvue DR750S-2ch into my car. I like the all the features but I'm not liking the video quality (coming from an A119 in my old car). The main reason I went with the DR750 was because of its G-Sensor/movement activated parking mode. As my car is electric, it doesn't have...
  3. P

    Any installation guides for DR650GW-2CH and Tesla Model X?

    I've seen install guides for the Model S, but anyone know of any guides online to install this dashcam on the Model X? thanks.
  4. 0

    Dash cam for a Model S

    I'm looking for a dash cam setup for a Tesla Model S: Want front + rear cameras. But NO dual channel. The extra wiring and poorer quality rules this out for me. Higher cost of two separate single channels is not a problem. Don't care about the convenience of having it all on one device. If I...