1. Y

    Brand new ThiEYE E7 - can’t download videos

    Ok, who is up for a challenge? I am almost ready to throw in the towel. I just got my ThiEYE E7 on Friday. I have been unable to get the videos from the cam onto a computer or iPad or iPhone. 1. The WiFi connection is very very flaky. It only connects on my iPad Pro, not at all on my iPhone...
  2. sachin390

    What are the dimensions of ThiEye T5e action cam battery?

    I want to know the exact dimensions of ThiEye T5e battery, that is the length , breadth and height in mm. Anyone with a T5/T5e can help me. Based on this I can get some other battery that fits in my T5e. I am not able to source stock batteries.
  3. sachin390

    Compaitable batteries for ThiEye T5/T5e.

    I have searched all over internet with no positive results on compaitable battery for t5e other than the one it comes with. Original t5e battery is difficult to obtain. Gearbest sells it but sadly doesn't deliver to my country. So I was wondering if anyone have successfully used any other...
  4. atlex

    ThiEYE T5e vs TrendVision 718GP

    Kaliningrad MODs
  5. A

    Adjusting focus on T5

    Hey guys, I have recently bought T5. Since I have it especially for exterior filming, unfortunatelly I found out that my lenses are focused at distance around 40-50 cm. Actually this distance is unusable even in interiors... Has anyone tried to disassemble the camera and adjust the lences for...
  6. C

    ThiEye T5E Review: Absolute Bargain 4K with Great Results (video)

    Really impressed with ThiEye T5E. It's just a little over $100, and it offers native (true) 4K, plus 1080p at up to 1209fps. Also an extra battery is thrown in with it! Has both dash cam features and action camera features. Also, here is a test video in just 4K, compared to the much more...
  7. Marcofan76

    My T5e at Grand Palace - Bangkok 4K

    My T5e at Grand Palace - Bangkok watch in 4K, stabilization with Gimbal Feiyu-tech G4 QD
  8. Agie

    ThiEYE T5e 4K Action Camera (used as dashcam) [] (Ambarella A12LS75, Sony IMX117)

    UPDATE (10/03/2017): GearBest is currently having a promotional sale on the ThiEYE T5e. You can purchase the discounted camera from here:
  9. Marcofan76

    My ThiEYE T5e in Vientiane - Laos

    My ThiEYE T5e in Vientiane - Laos 4K 30fps - no other stabilization
  10. Marcofan76

    YI 4K vs ThiEYE T5e

    Have a look... 4K 1080P Recensione: