thinkware cam

  1. L

    Thinkware Q800's record timer question

    Nice to meet you, everyone. It's sad that Korean companies don't sell products to Korea, so I have to visit overseas forums and ask questions. The question is simple. I wonder if it is possible to disable the record timer setting of Thinkware Q800. (F800, a similar product sold in Korea...
  2. egonvdv

    To buy or not to buy..

    My 770 dual is walking on it's last legs and I'm thinking of replacing. I had the q800 at some point but returned it as not impressed with the image (ie not better than the 770) in fact, i find that since the excellent 750, the quality has only been going down, while prices have gone up. I...
  3. N

    Firmware update.

    I’m currently on firmware v1.00.09 and I’ve noticed that when connecting via WiFi my continuous recordings are there in sequence, but my manual recordings have stopped since February 2020. Also, when I first connect to the dash cam I get a pop up on my iPhone saying that the latest firmware has...
  4. T

    U1000 connection into Cellink Neo

    Hi, I have a Thinkware U1000, and a Cellink Neo. My problem is that I have only the following cable for the Thinkware dashcam, what connects to fusebox. How can I connect the dashcam into the battery. Can I modify this cable to connect somehow into the battery or I have to get an another...
  5. M

    Nothing found in cloud video

    Hello folks, I wonder if any of you have the same experience as mine. I have been using U1000 for a few months but so far there is no video uploaded to the cloud. It doesn’t work for both “driving impact video” nor “strong impact video recorded while driving”. I have internet connection in my...