vico power plus

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    Vico Power Plus not powering off

    Installed the vico power plus with the Blackvue DR900S-2CH and have tested every combination of voltage, timer and even heat, and the unit will not power down. I can only put it on Bypass and turn of the ignition and it will shut down. Any of the power off features will not shut the dashcam...
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    Can't get parking mode activated using a Vico-Power hardwire kit

    Hey all, I just got finished installing a new "BlueSkySea" brand 0906 I got from Amazon alongside a Vicovation Vico-Power hardwire kit in my car. The camera is working perfectly as well as the power kit but I cannot get the camera to activate parking mode. As I'm sure you'll ask, I have the...
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    Battery Discharge Prevention Kit with DR650S-2CH ?

    Which one is recommended? 1) BlackVue Power Magic Pro - Doesn't have great review anywhere 2) Lukas LK-290 - If so then Type A or B? No idea.. 3) Vico Power Plus - Double the cost of Lukas so unless it is really the one to go .. Setup will basically be for hardwired to battery with discharge...