viofo a139

  1. R

    HK3 Hardwire Kit Suddenly Stopped Working After a Few Months?

    Hi all, First time poster here so let me know if I have breached any rules or etiquettes. In November 2022, I purchased a Viofo A139 with the HK3 hardwire kit. I did all the wiring myself and everything was working fine until now. My camera now refuses to turn on. After some diagnosing, I...
  2. S

    Parking mode issue after hardwiring VIOFO A139 PRO

    Hello everyone. I'm new in the dash cam world and had the VIOFO A139 PRO 2CH installed and hardwired in my car by someone. For some reason, regardless whether I turn off or on parking mode in the app, the camera is still on and recording even after turning off the car for a while. The...
  3. Fabioniq

    Azdome, Viofo, Vantrue, What is the best and Hardwire kit ?

    Hi all, First of all, sorry for my english, i hope you will understand what i wrote :) I’m new here and I have two subjects or maybe i have to post the subject 2 in another topic. Subject 1 Which dashcam to choose between these 3 models? - Azdome M550 - Viofo A139 - Vantrue S2 (features are...
  4. DrekiTech

    3-Channel Dashcam Comparison Footage: Viofo A139 vs. Gnet GON3 vs. Blackvue DR750x 3CH

    Curious what your thoughts on these 3 cameras are.
  5. N

    VIOFO APP Black Screen

    So I have received my order of A139 2-Channel and everything seems to be functioning except the Viofo App. Whenever connected to the app/camera, it displays a black screen instead of the image of the view from the camera lenses. Any way you think is the issue that’s causing this black screen on...
  6. Mtz

    Are you using Viofo A139 voice notifications?

    Viofo A139 is the first Viofo dashcam with voice notifications. This poll is only for people which own an A139 and they already used it for some time so they can decide if voice notification is a must or not.
  7. viofo

    A139 Firmware

    The new A139 FW, released on 26th. Change log: 1. Added voice notification for external MIC inserted or removed. 2. Fixed the GPS coordinates not showing issue. 3. Hold REC 5 seconds longer to format the card...