1. P

    Convertible Waterproofing external rear camera: Conformal Coating & silicon goop?

    I have a Viofo A129 Plus Pro Duo which I love, but my car is convertible. I quickly found out that the camera does not stay on the rear glass, and kinda useless when the glass is folded down. I want to mount the camera to my license plate area. I am considering pulling the rear camera apart...
  2. D

    Race car dashcams - waterproof, etc.

    Hi folks - I have some fairly specific requirements and would like some recommendations. Please bear with me while I set the scene ... I help run a club for Caterham racers. A Caterham is a small British sportscar, based on the 1957 Lotus 7. Website Caterham Graduates Racing Club We have a...
  3. Wheelr

    Q: Anyone install the rear cam EXTERNALLY? Convertible w/poor visibility softtop

    Update: Went w/A129 Pro Duo. (no idea of where nor how I'll mount rear. I still might attempt an external attachment above license plate) (Amz black Fri sale motivated purchase decision. Though when I initially posted this inquiry, Viofo's in-house 48hr sale (since expired) had a lower overall...
  4. G

    Dashcam to connect to a WIFI network

    Hi, I'm looking for a camera that can connect to a WIFI network and is waterproof. From there I want to be able to access the camera like you would for an IP camera. I saw that it is common for the dashcams to act as a WiFi access point rather than connect directly to a network. Thanks!
  5. johnnyinamoto

    Cannot find a discreet front and waterproof rear cameras with separate screen

    Hi all, When I first started my search a week ago, I didn't think my list of necessities was too much. I am now ready to jump off a bridge. What I want is a discreet front facing cam that I don't need to move. It just stays there being invisible. I don't really want a screen on that. I...
  6. Alice0422

    Collection of Dash cam from Taobao

    The follow 2 are the hot selling in Taobao Monthly sale :24082 price: $58.85 Monthly sale :24082 price: $88.36 Is it cheaper enough? want to reach it from Taobao? then www.YOYBUY.com help you shopping from China
  7. J

    Where to buy Git2? + remote waterproof?

    I am really interested in buying the Git2. Previously I was looking at the Xiaomi Yi with its performance and decent price but the Git2 looks to be superior (and growing better and better) so I don't mind parting with the extra moolah! Where would be the best place to buy the Git2? Preferably...
  8. Sunny

    Review: Gitup Git1 PRO Wi-Fi Waterproof 1080p Action Camera

    Thank you @gitup for providing this camera for review. It's available here at manufacturer's website: http://www.gitup.com/home/9-gitup-git1-pro-action-camera.html There are two versions of the package, one standard and one PRO. PRO version comes with a lot of mounting accessories and...
  9. vedranius

    Where to buy micro USB soft (ribbon) cable?

    Hi all! I have a Xiaomi Yi camera with waterproof casing, and I'd like to connect it to external power, powerbank or such. But I can't find soft Micro USB cables anywhere... Does anyone knows where to buy them? Example: On one side Micro USB male and on other normal USB 2.0 also male. As I...