1. acolomba

    BlackVue Sync - A new portable, hands-off, automatic recording downloader for NAS or Docker

    Hello All, I made a new BlackVue recording LAN downloader. I've been using it for several months now, and it's ready for public consumption. GitHub: https://github.com/acolomba/blackvuesync Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/acolomba/blackvuesync Features: Portable runtimes: A single...
  2. 45RPM

    Connect my 512GW to PC via Wi-Fi, instead of USB.

    Hello DashCam users Can someone please tell me how to connect my 512GW to my PC via Wi-Fi. I managed to get the camera into Wi-Fi mode. Then I was OK on my PC detecting and connecting to the camera with the given password. I was then expecting to see the camera’s files on my PC in File...
  3. T

    Late 2017 multi camera options ?

    Back in 2016 I looked at 2 channel cameras and basically came to the conclusion that the technology wasn't really there and that using multiples of good cameras was probably the way forward. In 2017, I still think this is the case. Am I right ? Again back in 2016 the Cellink B was an overseas...
  4. G

    Sj5000+ wifi + development usign web api

    Hello, I'm making a mini submarine and looking for a action cam to take some pictures and some recordings. Idea is that camera connects raspberry pi with wi-fi(station mode, so it has no different than a smartphone connects home network) and 3g modem connects raspberry usign usb connection...
  5. Mitchell Rothenberg MD

    WiFI options

    Can someone explain the new Wi-Fi options please. (Station vs. AP)?
  6. tartantopgun

    New Firmware 2.0

    I noticed today that there was a firmware update for the DR650GW 1Ch Blackvue. I downloaded and installed with no issues.... until I tried to connect my Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi was syncing on my phone but it would not let me into the blackvue to review files. So I pissed about with this thing for hours...