1. Y

    Xiaoyi YI Mirror Dash Cam

    Hi Guys, anyone here can help me to flash Yi mirror dash cam to international language or EN language. My friend just bought me this Yi mirror dash cam from China and its on CN language - the options to change the language is not clickable meaning it can't be change the language. Thank You in...
  2. J

    Xiaoyi Yi Action Camera - problem with splitted files...

    Hello, This is my problem: I have Z23L camera and 64 GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD XC class 10. Today I did test with H2testw. Results: Warning: Only 60873 of 60874 MByte tested. Test finished without errors. You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again. Writing speed: 8.75 MByte/s...
  3. J

    Yi Dashcam, Mijia Dashcam, 360 J511C comparisons

    I did a few videos for comparisons between Yi dashcam, Mijia Dashcam & 360 J511C Yi Dashcam VS Xiaomi Mijia Dashcam - Day & Night Yi Dashcam 1080p 60fps VS Xiaomi Mijia Dashcam 1080p 30fps - Day & Night Xiaomi Mijia Dashcam VS 360 J511C Dashcam - Day & Night I didn't manage to do 3-way...
  4. AccordingOne

    Fireworks filming

    Hey guys, i got a quick one, i'm going to event with fireworks tonight and i would love to shoot some video, but low light is a bummer for all action cams as we are well aware. So, any idea how to configure cam settings properly for that task? I think i would go with 2,7 k 60 hz (for EIS) and...
  5. J

    Yi Smart Dash Camera 2.7K King Edition

    Yi has finally launched a V2 follow up to their popular dashcam. This is the highest resolution dashcam available from a well-known manufacturer. http://www.xiaoyi.com/yicarcam6/ This new "2.7K King" version doubles the recording pixels to 2.7K (2688×1520 30FPS) and uses H.265 (HEVC) encoding...
  6. J

    Anyone else excited about new Yi 2.7K King version for 2017?

    Yi has finally launched a V2 follow up to their popular dashcam. http://www.xiaoyi.com/yicarcam6/ http://www.xiaoyi.com/yicarcam6/specs.html This new "King" version doubles the pixels to 2.7K (2688×1520) and uses H.265 encoding for 30% better compression. It's available July 7 in China...
  7. I

    Help change Chinese XiaoYi Dash Cam to the International English Version

    HELP I have a CA21WS version I created both files the SN.txt changing the CN to US and created a blank engmode file and not really sure if they copied to the SD card for sure or not. I put the SD car in the camera then powered it on and it comes on and goes directly to recording no Engineering...
  8. nutsey

    1.5.6 firmware update for all HW versions.

    1.5.6 firmware from 06-Jan-2017 is suitable for 221, 231, 23A, 23S, 22L, 23L, 25L, 26L hardware revisions of Yi camera. Download update files here.
  9. J

    Best budget dash cam for slow-mo

    I was wondering if you could help me with a question i've been asking myself. I'm after a dashcam in the style of the Xiaomi Yi but not quite ready to shell out big money for the 4K version. The reason being I want to make videos in my car of my driving and use the footage for video editing and...
  10. S

    Xiaoyi dashcam - record in non HD to store more videos

    I have been using Xiaoyi dashcam, no doubt it is a wonderful device with great quality videos. The problem I am facing is that being an HD video recorder, Xiaoyi dashcam is only able to store 4 hours video in 32GB of memory card. Even if I go for 64GB, it will save just 8 hours of videos. As...
  11. Mtz

    XiaoMi Yi dashcam focus problems

    The XiaoYi Yi dashcam is losing focus because of heat. The recording was done in middle of the spring so during summer can be worse. http://gifmaker.cc/PlayGIFAnimation.php?folder=2016040521f9OoFaPK35bxkDMOx7dCME&file=output_poUxYt.gif enjoy, Mtz
  12. M

    [Help!] Pictures and Videos taken from Xiaoyi lacks of details

    Just adjusted my lens and its now much better compared to it was before. But the problem now is that my videos and pictures are lacking of detail. When not zoom, it looks fine but when I try to zoom in, the object/s will look like a painting. I attached screenshots (both were zoomed in at 100%)...