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  1. O

    Stream from 4k through Raspberry Pi to MATLAB

    Good evening, I would like to stream live video from a Yi 4K to MATLAB running on a PC, but I still do not know how to view a stream without sending it to Facebook or YouTube. I also saw on the MATLAB website it says "The URL must be for a Motion JPEG (mjpeg) HTTP or RTSP stream, so the URL...
  2. el Producente

    Comparison Video: Xiaomi Mijia - Firefly 8S - YI 4K - GoPro Hero5

    Here's my comparison video of: Xiaomi Mijia - Firefly 8S - YI 4K - GoPro Hero5 incl. spec comparison, audio test, EIS demo,... and Giveaway! You can download original footage from my blog.
  3. AccordingOne

    Advisable render options and upload - How to avoid Quality loss?

    I need to upload a video recorded on XiaoYi Yi 4k to YouTube and/or Facebook and i'm a bit afraid of quality loss due to the file compression artifacts like pixelation and noise. I'm currently using Davinci Resolve 14 - free version to be specific . Video is recorded at 2.7k 60 Hz ... well...
  4. AccordingOne

    Fireworks filming

    Hey guys, i got a quick one, i'm going to event with fireworks tonight and i would love to shoot some video, but low light is a bummer for all action cams as we are well aware. So, any idea how to configure cam settings properly for that task? I think i would go with 2,7 k 60 hz (for EIS) and...
  5. 1

    Lens distortion correction for Yi 4K in Adobe Premiere Pro

    Hello, I am looking for a possibility (presets, profiles) to correct the lens distortion of YI 4K in Adobe Premiere Pro. Best regards.
  6. Jim R

    Recommendations for Yi 4k External Mic to Record Live Rock Band

    I shot video last weekend of a rock band I work with sometimes. Had the camera mounted back up behind the stage. The picture was fine but the sound was awful. I kind of knew it would be but it was really bad. So I'm looking for an external mic solution. I believe with updated firmware I can...
  7. L

    Yi 4k upgrade version YI 4K+ with Ambarella H2 Quad-core chipset

    Wow,the latest yi 4k + from yi technology was launched .YI 4K+ packs many advanced technologies inside a tiny camera. It comes with an IMX377 12MP image sensor, 7 glass lens, Ambarella H2 chipset, quad-core Cortex-A53 ARM processor, ATL1400mAh battery, 2.19” retain touch screen and much more...
  8. C

    1.3.4 firmware changelog ?

    Just got my YI 4K and i noticed it's running on a 1.3.4 firmware, if i go to their official website i can only download 1.3.3 as the latest firmware, what's up with that? Also does anyone know where i can get a change log to see what they added/fixed in 1.3.4 ? thanks
  9. C

    Lens size compared to gopro 4 ?

    Does Yi 4k have the same lens size as gopro 4 ? Can anyone who has both cameras able to check this please ? I'm asking because of compatibility with lenses, specifically macro lenses that fit onto gopro. Or better yet, if anyone knows any good macro lenses that fit on Yi 4k. thanks, appreciate...
  10. Marcofan76

    YI 4K vs ThiEYE T5e

    Have a look... 4K 1080P Recensione: http://www.actioncamitalia.it/2016/11/24/thieye-t5e-recensione/ http://www.actioncamitalia.it/2016/07/26/xiaoyi-yi-4k-la-nostra-recensione/
  11. K

    Looking for a 128GB microSDXC card to work with the y2 cam

    I'm a little bit frustrated I can't find anything about compatible 128GB cards for the yi 4k cam... I just bought a Toshiba sd card to find that it is not compatible with the yi2 cam... No matter what I do it says "SD Card Error". I formatted it several times to exFAT on Windows 10 as well as...
  12. Tao Ma

    YI Open API v0.5 released

    Hey all, if you are interested in building software apps or hardware products using our YI 4K Action Camera, you might want to take a look our YI Open API project and give it a try. In short, YI Open API provides mobile SDKs and reference designs for software developers and hardware makers to...
  13. M

    Can't Update after updating to 1.2.3

    I have a problem with my SD card and I think it will be solved if I update the firmware, But unfortunately I cant update or downgrade to any version. when I put the firmware.bin file on my SD card, a window pops up and ask for updating. I select left button (since I have chinese version, I can't...
  14. S

    Buying battery in China

    Hello all. So next month I am going to be in China with my Yi 4K :). Now, even though I ordered some spare batteries about a month ago they have yet to arrive (multitude of reasons). So, anyone knows if I can buy in Beijing some batteries, and if so where? I start my trip there and would like...
  15. ccdff

    Pinout AV output and FPV use

    Hi there, I'm trying to get the Yi 4k to display a video output to my FPV transmitter. I tried using the same pins on the usb as the first YI but it does not seem to work. Does anyone know which pins are used for the ground and video transmission on the micro usb connector ? Do you need to me...
  16. YIcameraCS

    YI Dome Camera

    Dear members, First of all, have to say sorry because don't know how to make a new thread that's only about Dome Camera like Dash Camera or Home Camera, if any moderators here can you possible help make a new one and move this post to the new thread? Thank you so much! Second, we are now...