1. K

    Looking for a 128GB microSDXC card to work with the y2 cam

    I'm a little bit frustrated I can't find anything about compatible 128GB cards for the yi 4k cam... I just bought a Toshiba sd card to find that it is not compatible with the yi2 cam... No matter what I do it says "SD Card Error". I formatted it several times to exFAT on Windows 10 as well as...
  2. TonyCams

    Xiaoyi Yi 2 4k vs. SJCAM SJ7 Star - Footage comparison

    Hi guys, We took some footage of the Yi2 4k and the prototype SJCAM SJ7 Star. Please let us know what you think :) SJ7 Star Xiaoyi 2 We will shoot more footage as we were holding three cameras in our hands and the SJ7 card got full before we could finish.
  3. ccdff

    Pinout AV output and FPV use

    Hi there, I'm trying to get the Yi 4k to display a video output to my FPV transmitter. I tried using the same pins on the usb as the first YI but it does not seem to work. Does anyone know which pins are used for the ground and video transmission on the micro usb connector ? Do you need to me...
  4. ccdff

    Upgrade to Yi2 worth it ?

    So as you may have noticed, the big brother of our favourite camera came out some time ago. So I was wondering if it is really worth upgrading or if I should stick with my Yi 1. Can anyone tell me how big the quality difference is ( especially in 1080p since I won't be 4k too much) Thx for your...