A129 IR + issue with keyless entry


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Jan 27, 2013
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Maybe over there, but in the US everyone pushes and twists laws any way they can to get whatever it is they wanted, then claim it's legal because the law didn't speak exactly and precisely about what they are doing, thus their logic is that it must therefore be allowable :sneaky:
it's the religious approach, don't ask for permission, do what you want and ask for forgiveness ;)


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Nov 7, 2016
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Interesting deviation to the thread.
My two Bobs worth.
My car has 6 antennas. 3 in cabin to detect the fob. The other 3 for external fob signal. They maybe intertwined in some way.
Car won't start if fob is only inches from open door. Must be very close to inside. Amazing really how it detects that so accurately.
Car is push button start.
Won't start unless foot is on the brake and fob is in the cabin. (Or at least in the door jamb.)
Steering unlocks itself electrically. Odd experience to see your steering wheel move without touching it.
Location detection for fob out side of car is less than a Metre. Odd thing when I walk past the car in the driveway at night and the locked car interior lights come on.

A disturbing experience once the car is started and you got out for some reason leaving it idle in your driveway to see your brother driving off with it without the fob in the car! He was mucking around but worth being aware of this flaw. Haven't tested this but it looked as though he could have driven it until it ran out of fuel. He would have had to listen to the beeping signal telling the fob is not in the car for his trip. Small price to pay if you're stealing it!
Moving back on topic my A129 Duo doesn't interfere with it. Neither did the A129 IR while testing it with the cabin camera mounted in the back window facing in and out. Having said that I didn't have the 3 wire kit setup so its not on at that point. Will be installing it soon so may have more to add.
My previous car had alarm fob issues so it's a delight to just walk up to a locked car and mirically it unlocks when I touch the handle. I feel special lol.
Perhaps Porsche make junk electronics