AR790 does not connect via Bluetooth. please Help.

Nav Patel

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May 22, 2017
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United Kingdom
QVIA AR790 Dual Camera: No Bluetooth light & will not connect.

I had AR790 installed 2 years back and it was working OK. Now it has stopped working and I would like help to fix it.

I had two problems:

Problem 1: My car is a Volvo XC70 hatch back and most of the time when I open the booth door, the second camera stopped working. I thought it was the strain on the connector of the cable to the rear camera. I had to have several attempt to reconnect and it finally worked.

Problem 2: My car battery needed changing. When my old battery was poor, the steady state blue light (Left hand side light), would turn red. ) hen this happened, I would lose blue tooth connection (Middle light: turn from blue to red). I had a new car battery installed recently and all the three light would go blue and everything was OK. One day, I had to open the hatchback door and that’s when the second problem occurred. I will not get the blue light for Bluetooth.

I have formatted the SD Card on several occasions. I have taken both the cameras out for over 24 hours hoping to reset any inherent fault.

He power supply is OK i.e. Un -switched Live is OK and the Switched Live is OK. Earth is OK. (Continuity is OK).

Is there any means of HARD resetting of the camera?

How do i do a factory default reset.

Is there any way of testing front camera as stand alone?

Likewise, how do i test second camera alone?

Is there anyone who can help me? I have looked at YouTube, but no joy.

I would like some help. Thank you for your time reading this article.