AUTO-VOX M3 Full HD 1080P review

bong kim

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Mar 16, 2017
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United States
Having owned other models of front and rear mirror cameras, I like this one by Auto-Vox the best. First thing the mirror itself looks like the actual oem mirror in your car some other models have a blueish tint which is not clear. I also like that fact that I can't not see the screen inside the mirror when turned off, some models have a outline of the display with is annoying when using. As far as the video for the front facing camera, it is on par with both other models by junsun and toguard, if not better. The back up camera is clear and adjustable. This model does have a small internal battery which will power up camera mirror even if there is no power, the other mirrors I have tried does not have this feature. This model has a Gps output for I'm guessing future updates and a micro sd slot. The power plug in and quality seem to be of higher grade than the others. For example, the car power adapter has an extra usb output so you can still use it to charge your phone or something. Customer service is nice too, although I have not had any problems, they respond to message promptly and provide assistance. In all, I am very satisfied with my purchase, I bought it on amazon for 129.99, which was on par with other model mirror cameras.