Camera got wet - red ring when plugged in

Discussion in 'Yi Action Camera' started by NorComm, Aug 21, 2017.

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    The original case sprung a leak while I was diving and my Z26 got in contact with saltwater, shutting down immediately.

    I dissasembled the camera, cleaned the mainboard in 99% alcohol and submerged in distilled water afterwards. I left it to dry a couple of days and tried turning it on today.

    On battery power the camera would not turn on at all, but when connecting it to a power source with a cable, red ring would appear around the power button.
    From there, if I press and hold all three buttons, the ring would turn purple and stay that way, not reacting to anything else.

    When connected to PC while the ring is red, there would be no reaction, but when purple, I would hear the USB connected sound (storage would not get recognized though).

    Any suggestions, is there hope for my otherwise great little cam?
    Warranty was out of the question from the start, because I bought the original case in one retailer and the camera from another.

    Thanks in advance, cheers!
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    Did you give it a scrub with a toothbrush? Sounds like a contact issue, and I would ditch the battery and get a new one.

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