CPL filter for blacksys ch-200 front camera


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Sep 13, 2016
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So, I took a chance and purchased the viofo CPL filter on amazon for $12 (since there doesn't seem to be an OEM version). I was getting a bit of glare that really bothered me on my blacksys ch-200 (both front and rear). The viofo cpl filter will slide over the front housing of the camera pretty well. It DOES NOT sit flush, so I lose some view around the edges, but it seems pretty minimal (see pic). As far as improvement on glare . . . . a little. It's definitely not perfect, but it seems to cut down a bit and makes the picture somewhat better. For $12, it's worth it (IMHO). Blackbox my car recommended I buy the $40 blackview filter and use electric tape to tape it on :cautious:
That seemed a little ridiculous. Figured I would default to that if this didn't work, but lo and behold . . . it works (sort of).

If anyone else has a better option, I am all ears. Thanks!



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