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Jul 12, 2018
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i have recently buy an M4+ for my car.
Working well but for extract snapshot clip from camera it's only doable by smartphone app.
Since i need to toggle of data for connect to camera and the base is a bit boring (i just unplug camera from base and get back to computer to read movie from microSD)

So i made a small program that can export clip from folder 201photo based on movie clip in 200video(like the phone app do)

the program automatically check if removable drive with DDPAI folder is present (200video and 201photo)
and then list all snapshot taken.
you can choose
-all clip you want to extract / delete snapshot after extract.
-length of extracted clip wanted (total time)
-the output folder path

if you click on listed snapshot you can see thumbs for show wich clip is it with date and hour
and it's all all main setting is saved.

it's based on ffmpeg cli for merge / split movie and need framework 4.5.2 .net package https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42642

screenshot :

The numeric value is the lengh of clip.

i only tryed on x64 version of windows 10

it's portable you just have to extract and start DDPAI Snapshot extract.

x86 version (32bits):
x64 version (64bits):

in addition if you use smartphone app it's delete automatically snapshot from 201photo once app as downloaded clip so once it's deleted oyou can't use app anymore because without snapshot there is no way to know when you click the button.

if you have any question let me know

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