DDPai Survey for $50 Amazon Credit ....... Mini 3 Hardwire Cable Specs interesting


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Apr 9, 2018
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I have had a M6 Plus for some time and just purchased a Mini 3 last week. Today I received a notice from DDPai that if I took a survey I would be awarded a $50 Amazon credit on the purchase of a Mini 3. I was surprised when the link took me to a very English friendly survey which had roughly 10 questions regarding what features I am looking for in a dashcam / if I have purchased DDPai products / Features I would like to see... After the final question which allows you to type in comments you would like to express to DDPai there is a "Submit" button which unfortunately takes you to a page of nothing but Chinese. Perhaps somewhere in all of those characters which I can not read there are instructions on obtaining that promised Amazon credit / code to redeem $50 but nothing I can understand. Hmmmmm

I saw that DDPai sells a hard wire cable promoted just for the Mini 3. Looking over it's specifications I noticed that hardwire kit promotes a 5 volt 1.5 amp output. What is interesting is that DDPai includes a dual port lighter plug / USB car power adapter with a 1.5 and 2.1 amp USB port with the camera. The Mini3 manual recommends plugging into the 2.1 amp port of that provided power adapter. I imagine you can see what does not make sense here.