Free car DVR - DriveCamRecorder on Android platform


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Aug 1, 2015
Are you looking for a free Video Recorder ?
DriveCamRecorder was produced to make the drivers’ lives much easier. This app enables saving the route with the possibility of further browsing. Thanks to the saved information, you will be able to check the speed and position of your vehicle at the moment of recording.

Are you looking for a Video Recorder that works together with another app with a navigation function? Nothing simpler! Turn on the background recording and activate the navigation.

With an increasing number of vehicles and collisions on the roads, this app will become your partner during the daily travels.

The main options:
- The background recording or the preview image recording, that works together with other apps with a GPS receiver.
- The embedded file manager that enables you to manage your recordings.
- The player with a map view – together with the video footage, you will be able to see the date, speed and position of your vehicle at the moment of recording.
- Settings enabling to adjust the app to fit your own preferences.
- Cyclic recording allows you to make new recordings at a certain time.
- Automatic deleting of recordings


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