Garmin Dashcam 56 did something weird today

Philip F

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Feb 9, 2020
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Durbanville, Cape Town
South Africa
So this afternoon I was out and about, and when I wanted to review my footage just now, discovered that at some point it had turned the audio recording off and had changed from km/h to MPH, which obviously I had not told it to do. On closer review of the footage, I spotted the moment when this had happened, it is weird, all of a sudden it's recording as normal, next moment, sound is off and the km/h reading becomes MPH. Any ideas what is up with that? The device is always up to date, is well looked after and looks as good as the day I bought it. It's not the first time that it has done the uncommanded turning off of audio recording. Only thing that I can think is happening is that it picked up (connected to) or saw the other Garmin Dashcam 56 in our other car which was probably still on (this coincidentally happened when I had parked in our driveway), and that one usually has its audio recording turned off, and I suspect has the measuring system set to MPH... If this is the case, how do I prevent this from happening in future?