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Apr 3, 2016
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Dash Cam
Gitup Git 1, Git 2, Sjcam Sj4000 wifi,
MOD3 custom firmware based on 1.4


1. UI: Active (selected) menu item color changed to orange.
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1. 'Sepia' color transformed into 'Flat' which recovers details in darks/highlights, fixes color tint and lowers overall saturation. Use with Sharpness set to 'soft', Contrast set to 'low' and 'High' bitrate in 1080p30 mode.

1. 960P mode transformed into '4:3P' 1440x1080p30 with bitrate values 25/14/8 for High, Med and Low setings.
2. WVGA mode transfomed into CCTV mode - High bitrate = 720p10 1200kbps, Med bitrate = 720p10 800kbps and Low bitrate = 720p8 600kbps.
3. AE table adjusted in order to skip light metering in the very corners.
4. High bitrate value for 1080p30 raised to 30Mbps.
5. GitUp MODx startup logo.

GoPrawn1 (MOD0):
1. Low bitrate value for 1080p30 set to 8Mbps (YouTube recommended value for FullHD 30fps footages).
2. Med bitrate value for 1080p30 set to 14Mbps.
3. Photo resolutions fixed to match IMX322 sensor pixel count: 12M - 3840x2880, 8M - 2880x2160, 5M - 1920x1440, 3M - 1440x1080

Download MODx fw for GitUp Git1
@nutsey can you remove. Improved: Once press shutter button to start/stop recording while in screen-save mode to just light up the screen in first press and stop recording while screen is light up with second press? As in firmware 1,3 or just improve bitrate to highest possible in 1080/30 fps in firmware version 1.3.

Firmware version 1.4 sucks because of the screen saver function that stops recording. No way possible to just lit up the screen without doing something else.
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