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Jun 9, 2015
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Anyone else having trouble logging into this forum. Seems I can log in with Edge or Firefox but with Google Chrome I get
This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.

It work on my phone, on the PC i don't know, don't have Chrome on it.
Working fine on PC Chrome for me :)
GRRRR so what is wrong with my Chrome.. this started a few days ago. Time to start trouble shooting..
It seems a copy/paste of the URL to this page works (in Chrome) yet the URL to does not.
Searching on Google clicking on a link to a page works.. clicking on a link to the main forum does not.
Once here.. (in Google Chrome) backing up on the header

to Dash Cam Forum brings up the error.
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well it is not it, but i read googles latest version of chrome, with build in 256 bit AES encryption to stop information thieves,,,, well its cracked already.
And yet another security flaw in Intel processors.

I an thinking if all this is used by bad people, the internet are a dangerous place to be.
Also Danish company ISS hit by ransomware + employee information stolen.

PS. no saying Chrome are worse than anything else out there, TBH i think no matter what you do you can get screwed.
I demand capitol punishment for any act of black hat operations.
I am unable to replicate this error. Could be one off for you but would be interested to know if others have the problem.
Just downloaded the current version of Chrome and entered as the URL and got here with no problem. (This is posted from Chrome.)
No problem, works through Google Chrome as before
I am unable to replicate this error. Could be one off for you but would be interested to know if others have the problem.
have a similar problem with Chrome on one computer, working ok on the other, the link for new posts would normally resolve to something like this in Chrome but it's missing the numbers on the URL on the computer that's having issues, problem only started in the last day or so, both machines are same spec, same updates etc, tried clearing cookies, incognito mode etc but no change, using Firefox on the problem computer and it's working fine
5xx errors are server fault - nothing you can do about. 4xx errors are client.
When did this start? Had to restart the database a few days ago. Perhaps that caused an issue?
Ok...will keep an eye on it. Please report here if you experience the issue. Hard to resolve if it can't be replicated.
Whatever happened since yesterday fixed the problem. This AM everything is back to normal. Thanks all. :)
Opening my Firefox just now there was a little window saying the start page ( default ) in Firefox did not have its certificate in order.
but no issue getting on here.
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