Here we go again DR500 with weird messages


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Feb 14, 2013
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Sunshine Coast
Dash Cam
DR750s x2 DR450 x2
Camera giving incorrect times and dates so changed the battery on the 19th.

Reformatted and put card in and all was well. Went for a drive and it took 15mins to find satellite but all else was Ok Recorded the journey ok.

Started car up today and it said " The Blackvue is shutting down" .WTF Hasnt had any power for over 2 days.
Then it said starting up and immediately said shutting down in an endless loop.
Pulled it to bits again and reset it but still the same.

No reason for it as it worked until I turned the car off and is now crook on starting car again.

Any one got any ideas. Is the third time I have replaced the memory battery so am quite used to doing it.

Have tried two cards that were working but doesnt even get to look at them, it just starts and immediately shuts down.

Very Strange