Looking for a solution to "card needs format" and power supply issues


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Apr 25, 2016
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I have 2 vehicles: 2005 Nissan Quest minivan and 2006 Honda Pilot SUV.
The camera in the Quest never had any issues.
But 2 cameras in the Pilot frequently stop recording and require the cards to be formatted.
Someone suggested that it may be due to poor quality of DC power supplied to the lighter outlets in the Pilot.
They said that drops or spikes of voltage may be causing the write errors and bad blocks.

Does anyone have experience with fixing these issues?
Can you recommend a better quality stabilized power supplies than those that came with the cameras?

Another issue I was wondering about was that Quest's rear lighter outlet is powered on full time as opposed the Pilot's which turns on with ignition. This is why I am not using the rear camera in the Quest. Is there any solution to that? I would like the Quest to power on rear camera only when the engine is running.

Thank you!