Looking for discrete and simple with out limits


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Nov 6, 2018
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looking for something discreet for a front window mount no screen needed and can take 128 or larger micro SD's and wont lock off storage space.

previously i had a original mobius action cam as a dashcam it worked well, It eventually died, would randomly not power up when the car started after so many years of use.

I moved onto a mobius max in November, but during a firmware upgrade with a capacitor installed i discovered that the USB port is wobbly and cheap and a cat bumped my cable and it got bricked due to a 1/2 a second power blip.

I now moved onto a blueskysea b1w, its great except one little problem, mounting it behind the rear view mirror means i cant hit the button safely while driving to save video and the firmware wont let you reserve less than 30% for 'saved' videos so now with a 128gb card ive got ~40gb of wasted video storage meaning that on long drives now video gets lost due to roll over and not being able to use that other ~40gb of storage properly.

So what else is out there thats decent, wont cost a fortune and can do decent sized SD cards and will ship to Canada/sold in Canada.