Nextbase 312GW - bricked


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Dec 17, 2019
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United Kingdom
Hi Everyone

I took the cam out of the car to download some footage and it instantly complained about low battery. I plugged it into USB a charger inside, copied the files over to my pc and formatted the card. All seemed ok. I was preparing another card with the software update while I had it out and when I came back to the cam it would not turn on.

It has the blue charging light when connected to power and no light when disconnected.
- Pressing/holding the power button or reset button have no effect
- Trying the above with/without the SDCard also has no effect
- Plugging into PC via USB the device isn't detected at all by the PC
- I have left it connected to power overnight to charge

From reading threads I am thinking either is did start to pick up the sw update and died or maybe the battery failed.

Any ideas? Nextbase support have been helpful but next steps are to send it back for a 'costed fix' as is 2 years old. I'm happy to get my hands dirty to save paying through the nose on postage and support for a cam which isn't worth much anymore.