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Sep 16, 2017
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I have a 2020 WRX, and I've wired the ACC to the seat heater. The Batt+ is to the power locks.

It does power on when I push the connectors (ACC+ and Batt+) into the fusebox. However it doesn't automatically shutdown in the 5 minutes, which is the option I set. Also if I long press the OK button to turn it off, it will not turn back on unless I pull then put back the ACC+ connection. I have push to start, but when I leave the car / start the car to cycle power, it doesn't power on.

What is wrong? The connections on the power / pigtails were plugged in when delivered, so the assumption is the wiring is labelled correct. How can I verify if that isn't the case.
you can manually power off, will only power on when ACC is turned back on, that's expected

will check on which circuits though, your car will be CAN-BUS so it's not as straightforward as some as the circuits are controlled by the computer, our install tech is going to check that for you and we'll get back to you
I have no real idea, but I did find out that the Street Guardians' hardwire kits have different color assignments than my Viofo.
I found the picture below in your manual. Does that look like your hardwire kit?
We asked, Our tech just responded with Best suggestions for a 2020 WRX

For +12V (BAT): Fuse 8 - STOP

For +ACC (ACC): Fuse 31 - ACC

As always make sure to use a LED test probe or multimeter to make sure the functionalities are correct.”
Thanks. I may look into those fuses to see if they have more amps. But I did get it working with fuse #10 and #20 for Batt and Acc.

I would have thought the power locks and seat heater would have worked as well as the locks should have power at all times and the seat heater doesn’t kick on until car is in Accessory mode. But apparently that isn’t so.

I take it there is no plans or maybe it isn’t physically possible to implement a power on from long hold of the OK button when the remote is off?
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