Sd card woes...


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Feb 23, 2019
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United Kingdom
I got a 412GW for my birthday (thanks wife and kids!) and she also got a 32 gig card (also nextbase) a week later (she forgot it. Lol)

About Christmas time something started playing up (I've read a few threads and notice this is a 'common' issue). I could record 50 seconds (or so) then the unit crashes. So just in case I got another Sd (wife has lost receipt for nextbase card otherwise it would be going back to my local Halfords :( ). The new card is a 32gig Kingston (I got 2 actually as I got my wife a 312G for Christmas). Now this card has also failed in the same way... I've taken the wife's out and managed to kill that one too! 3 cards, 2 manufacturers in less than 6 months.... Do people think its the unit or am I just REALLY unlucky with SD cards?

FYI I've checked the cards (all 3) in my laptop and also a tablet and while I can delete files (most of the time) and it takes AGES and if there's files on the card/s I cannot format them. Putting back the 'blanked' cards results in about 2hrs of video then I'm back to "format SD" which I can't do from the unit (or pc really). I've included pics of the sd card (but hey their SD cards lol)

Many thanks in advance


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