SimpleUSB Automotive 12V to USB Adapter - Power dashcams and mobile devices from your vehicle mirror

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May 14, 2013
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I just saw this on Reddit, thought I'd share. (could be interesting)
"Launched a Dashcam wiring product on Amazon. Thoughts? Any testers interested? (self.Dashcam)"

"Hey guys... in my many entrepreneurial pursuits as a graduate student, I wanted to share and get some feedback on this dashcam product I'm selling.

It's a simple 12V to USB converter that taps into your vehicles mirror connector. I had ran one on my car and my mom's in order to clean up the install, and got enough positive feedback from an online forum to feel like it's a viable product.

It was actually quite labor intensive to make, and the solders and crimps are incredibly robust. So I have a few dozen arriving at Amazon as a pilot. Would one or two people be interested in having me gift them one via Amazon in exchange for a review/feedback or a customer photo?"

SimpleUSB Automotive 12V to USB Adapter - Power dashcams and mobile devices from your vehicle mirror!
by BadFrogs
  • Hand assembled in the USA with domestic and foreign parts
  • USB Power Output, recommended use for 12V switched sources.
  • Compatible with most powered mirrors
  • Does not require routing of bulky wires to fusebox
  • Does not require removal of trim or headliner versus similar products






This looks like the mirror tap for radar detectors, that has been around for a long time. Cool idea and I am surprised at how small he was able to make it.
Yea, can buy these things for radar detectors (my Uniden LRD950 is powered this way), as well as portable navigation units. Unfortunately not many cars have exposed mirror harness, and on some cars powered mirror is still an optional accessory...
Power mirror? Is this for women drivers so they can zoom into their face when applying slap at 70mph on the motorway?

Trouble with 12v to 5v convertors... there is a world of difference between the good ones and the bad ones. the bad ones seem to cause so much interference on the radio & rarely last long.
Reading the link it appears this one is made of the right parts. A buck converter should be better right?

I think he is using the wrong marketing technique. Instead of limiting his market share to "mirrors" it should be sold as "An exceptionally small power supply for the exceptionally small and hidden dash cam installations". Ready to use as is or some soldering may be required. Stealth sells.