Thinkware F750 + battery packs without hardwiring


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Nov 2, 2017
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I'm new here and looking to get a 2 channel dashcam. Been doing some research and my choice is either Thinkware or Blackvue.
I don't want to do hardwiring at all if possible and looking to get the camera set up as seperate electrical system.
From what I understand, blackvue cameras use GPS to determine parking, and normal mode, so if their cameras I can hook up to a battery pack and cigarette lighter source and parking mode would still works.
Now I don't understand a lot about thinkware approach. What I read is they use ACC cable to determine the car is in on position, but that means if I hook it up to a battery pack with cigarette lighter source, the camera won't be able to tell if the car is on or off, which is the ideal thing to do if you do hardwire.
Can parking mode enabled using any other way than the ACC cable? GPS based like blackvues or maybe manual activation?
I know the hassle of turning it in and out of parking mode, but i guess i am willing to do that for the price of not hardwiring the camera, if that is possible at all.

Also, where I live, there is no one selling Cellink Battery B, instead I might use blackvue B-112 battery pack instead. I live with my own enclosed garage and I rarely spend the night outside so the small capacity is not really a problem. They sell Thinkware iVolt battery but from I understand I still need to do hardwire for it, not from cigarette lighter (please correct me if i'm wrong) Besides, the thinkware battery is hella expensive, almost the same price as the camera itself.

Thanks guys


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Dec 3, 2015
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United Kingdom
Based on your requirements, I don't think a Thinkware dashcam would be the right solution.