Update on battery drain problem please, and maybe a suggestion for how to add dedicated battery?


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Oct 11, 2013
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If so then just while you are eating a quick meal before you get under way again, but as a permanent mobile CCTV system i don't think it would be good, not even if you put a spare battery in each saddle bag.
I assume you could use the same charge splitter / battery insulator the camper people use to isolate the starter battery from the rest of the 12 V grid in their campers.
In my car i am so going to get the biggest battery i can cram in there when it is time to get a new one, i have been considering a second battery too as i have the big gauge wires and fuses from old car audio setup, so all i really need are the battery itself and the splitter.
I would like if i could find a "flat" battery that could fit under my rear seat, cuz really my car are pretty small and a battery in the boot would take up a lot of the little space i have back there.


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Jun 27, 2018
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At the risk of doing math in public...I'm not sure I'm understanding how the parking mode draw is actually a problem.

The K2 draws 40 mA in parking mode right? Let's say the bike gets parked for 13 hours while I get home from work, do evening stuff, sleep, get up, then get on the bike to go back to work.

13 hours * 40 mA = 520 mAh., or 0.52 Ah.

My Vstrom uses a 14 Ah-rated battery. I've had it for around a year and a half, so let's say it's now got a maximum capacity closer to 12 Ah (which should be conservative right?).

I'm pretty sure it'll still crank when down to 11.48 Ah.

Maybe not? Are some/all of my assumptions unreasonable?
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