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Jan 19, 2017
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Dash Cam
A139 3Camera A129Duo-8WL A129Pro-4K A119V3 A119S-6Vk DCTeam
Expanding my Firmware Modifications to include A129 IR Duo, A129 Duo, A119S, A119V2, & A119 Pro Dash Cams to enhance and improve image quality and function. You are invited to Post comments, questions, ideas & footage below.
This post will be updated with all future MOD releases.
Current Stable MODs --- Updated July 16, 2019
Download https://viofo-dash-cam-modified-firmware.blogspot.com/p/download-a129-ir-mod-file.html
Disable WiFi before driving to reduce heat and boost bitrate.
Higher Bitrate MODs improve image detail and increase MP4 video clip size.

How to load Modified Firmware: https://viofo-dash-cam-modified-firmware.blogspot.com

NOTE: If update fails or is corrupted the BootLoader is still functional.
To restore Dashcam, copy official A129 IR firmware file to microSD card then Power-On wait 1 minute.

Disclaimer: All BCHobbyist Modified Firmware is rigorously tested by DCTeam Members under all conditions world wide. These MODs are not official VIOFO releases and considered Beta Firmware, I/we are not responsible for damage, loss, injury, or greatly improved image quality, use at your own risk.

Download A129 Duo IR Modified Firmware > https://viofo-dash-cam-modified-firmware.blogspot.com/p/download-a129-ir-mod-file.html

Viofo A129 Duo Dash Cam Review > https://viofo-a129-duo-dash-cam-review.blogspot.com/
Dashcam Buyer's Guide & Advice > https://viofo-dash-cam-selection-advice.blogspot.com/
Troubleshooting Guide for VIOFO A119/P/S > https://viofo-dash-cam-selection-advice.blogspot.com/p/dash-cam-troubleshooting.html

DCTeam is a group of dedicated, respectful and helpful Dash Cam owners.
We are not associated with DashCamTalk or any Vendor or Manufacturer.
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Please report all issues, thank you for using DCTeam MODs.
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Creating increased Bitrate A129 Duo IR modified firmware over the next few days.

Requesting confirmation Parking Low Bitrate Recording Mode and Parking Auto Event Detection Mode function correctly using 22 Mb/s MODs upto 26 Mb/s bitrate. All 7 Parking Modes are confirmed to work using MOD-PEH , PEI , PEJ .
Here is my comparison video of Mod-6Eh vs V1.01 front Cam.

Created new A129 Duo - STABLE MOD versions 6EK , 6EL , 6EM
The W series MODs use Buffered Parking Auto Event Detection Mode v1.02 Firmware. View the ChangeLog page for full details.
Requesting confirmation these MODs work with all Parking Modes using Hardwire Kit or Power Bank.
Parking Low Bitrate Recording Mode should work normally with 22-27 Mb/s bitrate MODs.
If other Parking Modes don't work with high Bitrates use MOD-PEK or PEL or PEM.

FW1.02 current A129 IR Sharpness MODs
= Ek version - Sharp64
Medium = El version - Sharp48
Low = Em version - Sharp32

Higher Bitrate MODs improve image detail and increase MP4 video clip size.

A129 Duo Dashcam Review: https://viofo-a129-duo-dash-cam-review.blogspot.com/
How to Install MODs: https://viofo-dash-cam-modified-firmware.blogspot.com/
Dashcam Guide: https://viofo-dash-cam-selection-advice.blogspot.com/
I am using the latest mod which has been working well, in which situations would a person want to use lower sharpness settings?
well lower sharpness are not like drunk and fuzzy looking sharpness, some people actually seem to prefer footage with a higher level of sharpness and contrast.
Myself after have been using a luksa dashcam for a year or so ( Korean brand famous for sharp / contrast low bitrate footage ) Well then getting a camera with more natural footage, for a while it was strange as i was so used to looking at the lukas footage.
But now i have adjusted and actually prefer the more relaxed / natural looking footage.
But many brands that dont really do much in the way of tuning their products IQ have a sharper / contrasty looking footage as that's what is in the default firmwares from the SOC maker and they cant be bothered with changing this.

Too high sharpness and contrast can actually make the camera perform less good in regard to resolving small details.