1. F

    Do I need to update the firmware?

    Hello! I just bought a VIOFO A129 Duo. It's my first dashcam and I'm very excited to use it! So, I read that there is some firmware for this device. Is it something that needs to be installed? I'm hoping to hook the thing up tomorrow, so I'd like to have it installed if needed. I also won't be...
  2. A

    HCK3 or Software not hardware problems parking mode solution?

    Ok i have 2 x HCK 3 and i tested them i connected them directly to car battery + / + and - / - and the parking mode stop working after some time on both of them. The car battery is new and fully charged. So i connected cigarete socket directly to car battery...
  3. D

    New U1000 owner, couple questions

    Hi guys, I just bought a U1000, which is a major upgrade for me from my old Mobius action cam as a dash cam. I'm pretty excited, I hope I made the right decision. I was on the fence about a DR900-S, a A129 pro, and the U1000. In the end the U1000 got the nod. I have a couple questions for...
  4. L

    Increase recording time

    Is there any modded firmware available that can increase the recording chunks to something other than a minute? It's honestly annoying to go through so many clips and as far as I know, the reasoning for this is so that in case you lose power from an accident, it can still save the footage. I...
  5. Timzed

    Timelapse again

    Hi folks, from what I already found here, this is a great forum with really good resources for not just the average hobby photographer. While saying this, I hope that even for this old camera I can still get some help from you guys. So yesterday I tried to create some night timelapse. I have 2...
  6. D

    U1000 Release Notes

    Are there any release notes for the U1000 firmware versions? I just updated to 1.00.13 from 1.00.11 but I don't know what's changed. I never saw any release notes for the 1.00.11 firmware either. Thanks.
  7. S

    U1000 - No voice/sound being recorded

    Hi, have a bit of an odd one here. Had the u1000 installed just before Xmas and everything working fine no issues during play back and hearing sounds of the car stereo , voice of people talking, engine etc. All of a sudden something strange is going on and no sound is being recorded except for...
  8. karim174

    U1000 Firmware update - via PC or Wifi?

    Hi Guys hope you are all well! Does the u1000 get all its updates via wifi hotspot? Including firmware and speed camera updates?... or does it still need connecting to a desktop computer? Thanks
  9. BingoTheGringo

    522GW Firmware Release Notes?

    Are firmware release notes posted anywhere? I'm unable to find them on the Nextbase website. Specifically looking for R19.1 release notes. Thanks!
  10. P

    Firmware for 0805 Original? [Non-Mini]

    Hello, Does anyone know if there was any firmware releases for the Monkon Original 0805 Dash Camera with the Ambarella A7 Chip? I have never been able to find any myself, the dash cam is still using 2013 firmware (FW 20170213 v1.0) that it was originally shipped with.
  11. sdrawkcaB

    Seeking Firmware v1.01 for the A119V3

    I'm seeking firmware version 1.01 for the A119V3 to add to my personal firmware archive. Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide it.
  12. R

    Hard reset not clears settings in camera

    When i press the reset button on the side the camera reboots bud it doesnt go back to factory/standaard settings. Did try longer press - short press of the button. Even in the camera menu when pressing reset no settings are changed. If read after a firmware update to use reset to clear old...
  13. vikas027

    Firmware Upgrade V1.03(update 0924) ?

    Hey guys, I've just received my dashcam. Do you recommend to upgrade the firmware? This is my first dashcam, so just trying to be a bit cautious to not screw up anything. Thanks.
  14. Y

    SGGCX2PRO with X2WRC323 - Can't update firmware

    Hi all, I recently bought a SGGCX2PRO and a X2WRC323. Upon receiving them, I tried to update the firmware of the SGGCX2PRO (the camera states it has X2PRO+190321V1.22 out of the box) but the camera ignores the FWGCX2P.bin file and starts recording after boot. I followed the instructions here to...
  15. P

    New firmware 20190828 and new manual v1.4

    I'm just installing my mini0906 and found a new firmware on their website, with no reference here: MINI0906 FIRMWARE UPDATE AUG.28.2019 8/28/2019 update log: fixed the microphone auto turn on problem (auto turn on after reboot). no other changes from Sep.04.2018 version. download link...
  16. S

    G3 Duo Firmware v2.3 (2019/09/25)

    Hi! I just noticed a new firmware is available for the G3 Duo serie Change Log: 1. Add: Support Wi-Fi Station Mode; 2. Add: Support setting default mode: Video / Photo
  17. V

    Figuring out which Junsun Model, Firmware, etc?

    oh great wise ones... I'm new to the dashcam world, and have just purchased three of what I thought were the same thing*, but maybe not. (A) How do I figure out which Junsun product # or model I have? (B) One lists firmware as ol_jnb_966_20190529_v0.1 and the other simply 966_20190221 -- is...
  18. BCHobbyist

    VIOFO A129 Duo IR 1080p Modified Firmware MODs Archive

    Expanding my Firmware Modifications to include A129 IR Duo, A129 Duo, A119S, A119V2, & A119 Pro Dash Cams to enhance and improve image quality and function. You are invited to Post comments, questions, ideas & footage below. This post will be updated with all future MOD releases. Current Stable...
  19. L

    F750 ARM recovery firmware

    Hi all, My F750 won't start and it only keeps showing two solid green lights. This happened after a firmware update. I read this post that it might be revived with the recovery firmware. Does anyone have a copy they could make available please? Thanks!
  20. B

    Dashcam Mini died after 8 hours

    I had my Mini installed just before a long road trip from Texas to Colorado. About 8 hours into the drive the Mini simply shut down. I unplugged it and tried pressing buttons, but nothing would bring it back to life. I was convinced either the fuse on the car cable blew or the dash cam itself...