1. V

    T130 Firmware

    The first official firmware for T130 is released! The firmware version is V1.0 20211027. Download from here:
  2. K

    New version firmware V7.1.0.48 for mola n3

    Hello Please share the firmware V7.1.0.48. I would like to update the voice acting. Please share.
  3. Mark S-H

    Instructions to update the firmware on a B4K camera

    These are the step by step Instructions to update the firmware on a B4K camera 1. Firstly check the version number in the B4K camera. 2. Switch on the B4K camera and select 'Menu' button on the side. 3. Scroll until you find 'Version' in the settings. 4. Press the 'OK' button on the side to...
  4. S

    Looking 4 EN Firmware

    Has anyone come across EN ver. of the firmware? I current order CN ver and need to change it EN ver.
  5. ImpliedConsent

    Blackvue Firmware v1.006_2021.05.10

    Blackvue has released firmware v1.006_2021.05.10 for DR-900x (1ch and 2ch). Additional firmware updates to other models are listed below ((DR750-2CH LTE, DR900X/S, DR750X/S, DR590X/W, DR590 Series)
  6. M

    SJ4000 basic\First batch Briked or not ?

    Good day. I have a problem with a SJ4000 non wifi camera 1,5 inch display. It was given to me from my friend because it didn't work. And i asumed that I can repair it. Looked like a firmeware problem so i started to dig in. Did my research and i saw it's pretty common. When i got it i saw the...
  7. R

    failed firmware dahscam d02

    After the firmware update back in October 2020 my camera stop working...just turn on but nothing record, no settings.... see the videos:
  8. P

    How to change language from Chinese to English

    So I just bought online a 70Mai 1S but it came directly from China. Is there any firmware to change the langauge to english? The camera works fine but I can´t give any commands.
  9. usmcmcauliffe

    Rexing V1P Firmware Causing Rear Cam Failure (Revert Firmware?)

    Hey everyone, I'm new here & this is my first post.. I'm hoping to find some help with something. Last night I figured I would update the firmware for my Rexing V1P Pro Dual Cam. I followed the instructions exactly, downloaded the new firmware update (T511AA.96663.4689.20200902.01) & uploaded it...
  10. F

    Do I need to update the firmware?

    Hello! I just bought a VIOFO A129 Duo. It's my first dashcam and I'm very excited to use it! So, I read that there is some firmware for this device. Is it something that needs to be installed? I'm hoping to hook the thing up tomorrow, so I'd like to have it installed if needed. I also won't be...
  11. A

    HCK3 or Software not hardware problems parking mode solution?

    Ok i have 2 x HCK 3 and i tested them i connected them directly to car battery + / + and - / - and the parking mode stop working after some time on both of them. The car battery is new and fully charged. So i connected cigarete socket directly to car battery...
  12. D

    New U1000 owner, couple questions

    Hi guys, I just bought a U1000, which is a major upgrade for me from my old Mobius action cam as a dash cam. I'm pretty excited, I hope I made the right decision. I was on the fence about a DR900-S, a A129 pro, and the U1000. In the end the U1000 got the nod. I have a couple questions for...
  13. L

    Increase recording time

    Is there any modded firmware available that can increase the recording chunks to something other than a minute? It's honestly annoying to go through so many clips and as far as I know, the reasoning for this is so that in case you lose power from an accident, it can still save the footage. I...
  14. Timzed

    Timelapse again

    Hi folks, from what I already found here, this is a great forum with really good resources for not just the average hobby photographer. While saying this, I hope that even for this old camera I can still get some help from you guys. So yesterday I tried to create some night timelapse. I have 2...
  15. D

    U1000 Release Notes

    Are there any release notes for the U1000 firmware versions? I just updated to 1.00.13 from 1.00.11 but I don't know what's changed. I never saw any release notes for the 1.00.11 firmware either. Thanks.
  16. S

    U1000 - No voice/sound being recorded

    Hi, have a bit of an odd one here. Had the u1000 installed just before Xmas and everything working fine no issues during play back and hearing sounds of the car stereo , voice of people talking, engine etc. All of a sudden something strange is going on and no sound is being recorded except for...
  17. karim174

    U1000 Firmware update - via PC or Wifi?

    Hi Guys hope you are all well! Does the u1000 get all its updates via wifi hotspot? Including firmware and speed camera updates?... or does it still need connecting to a desktop computer? Thanks
  18. BingoTheGringo

    522GW Firmware Release Notes?

    Are firmware release notes posted anywhere? I'm unable to find them on the Nextbase website. Specifically looking for R19.1 release notes. Thanks!
  19. P

    Firmware for 0805 Original? [Non-Mini]

    Hello, Does anyone know if there was any firmware releases for the Monkon Original 0805 Dash Camera with the Ambarella A7 Chip? I have never been able to find any myself, the dash cam is still using 2013 firmware (FW 20170213 v1.0) that it was originally shipped with.
  20. sdrawkcaB

    Seeking Firmware v1.01 for the A119V3

    I'm seeking firmware version 1.01 for the A119V3 to add to my personal firmware archive. Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide it.