WF1 Parking Mode - Possible Future Firmware Feature?


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Mar 28, 2013
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Suggestions for parking mode:

1) Add a suffix or a prefix to parking filenames. Eg Parking_MOV_0186.
2) Count parking files differently. Eg. Do not continue the "ID". Parking ID should start at 0001 and not "continue" from the last normal driving files. We can better identify parking issues this way.
3) Make the time needed without motion or G before the camera goes into parking at 1-3-5 minute intervals, from the settings. 3 minutes is probably best but still.
4) Parking mode should also be actived by sound (with sensitivity, just like the motion parking mode). I also tried activating it with small nudges to the car (that actually subtly move the car left to right), and it won't activate. I am on the highest sensitivity. I don't even know if the Smart mode triggers by G sensor or just motion.
5) Show at least 5 seconds (preferably a setting in the options for 5-15-30s) BEFORE the motion detect event, and at least 5 seconds (again, preferably a setting in the options for 5-15-30s) AFTER.
6) Using an iPhone 4, I wirelessly connect to the camera, do some settings, then close the app. The camera takes about a minute (it seems more than that) to resume normal operation. I mean, i'm in traffic, I change a setting, and as soon as I close the app, I want the camera to start recording again, because a few weeks ago, in that minute, an accident almost happened, and I would've been left without a video proof.

Problems I encoutered so far with the WF1, unrelated to parking:

1) Camera shuts down in moderate heat. We're not even into summer (40-42 usually, here in Romania), and the camera can't handle our current 30-32C heat. It shuts down. My WF1 is hardwired and is always on, and during sunny days, i come to the car, start it and move, and the camera doesn't get out of the parking mode or whatever error it is in. I can only start it if I press the button once.
2) I get some corrupted files (codec). Some files can't be open in any software (AVS video editor, Adobe Premiere pro, Sony Vegas and many other usual players), except VLC, where it plays, but with some issues (sound and video shifts etc). I can't figure out why some are corrupted and some not. I tried 4 SDHC cards, Sony/Lexar/Kingston/Sandisk, all 32GB.
3) The 3M mount that comes with the camera does not have the stopper on it (that prevents the camera from slipping from the mount), like the suction mount has. Thus: using the 3M mount, the camera falls from the windshield when you brake. Or when you push the button. Or when you want to take out the card. I tried using the mount from the suction cup (the one that has the stopper) but alas, the ball that fits in the mount is probably 1mm tinier in diameter, and no matter how much i tighten the mount, the camera doesn't stay fixed. Sometimes it shifts.

PS: This is my 2nd camera. The 1st one I sent back under warranty, because it sometimes didn't even start when the power was plugged in. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn't.

This is pretty much what I can recall.
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