wifi dongle issue


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Jan 19, 2018
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I will try to keep this as short as i can

installed around 2 years with no issues at all until now :)
my setup
750S 2CH
connected via a cellink b battery
also connected to my cellink b battery is a Huawei E8372 wifi dongle by having it like this i get live notifications as long as the battery has juice normally 8 to 12hrs works very well for parking mode
so my problem started a few days ago with no notifications and also when going into the BV App the camera is greyed out (no online connection) and i can not correct the issue
the 750s is recording ect as it should so no issues with this
this is what i have tried so far
direct link from mobile via app to 750s works fine so i have checked the cloud settings and the wifi name and password are correct
i have formatted the 750s sd card
there is a connection between the dongle and 750s as the wifi light is solid on the 750s (and the dongle app shows the 750s connected also)
i have reset the wifi log ins and re set them up but still no luck
so from the 750s side of things it all seems fine
so before removing dongle the lights on the side of dongle are correct for wifi solid green and solid blue 4g connection i even connect my mobile direct to it and test with browsing and all fine as should be so i remove dongle and take indoors
insert another sim card and works as should testing with my mobile to get a connection and browse online i also put the sim card from the dongle into my phone and works as it should
so dongle and 750s seem to work fine but its not giving me a data connection on the 750s from what i can tell

now i turn dongle off and setup a hotspot on my spare mobile and connect the 750s to that and the 750s connects and i get notification's and the 750s is no longer greyed out on the app so i can live view ect
so i am really lost to why the 750s has all of a sudden stopped working with the dongle like i say its connected together fine just no data so i don't get notifications or able to live view

also to add i also factory reset the dongle and tried with factory setting and also setting it ssid to my own preference

really stumped on this anyone have any ideas as i cant work out the broken part of the link
also i just removed the dongle connection within the app and put my home wifi and it connected it points towards the dongle being faulty but i can connect to it via mobile and use the data so its lost me