Yi Compact Dash Cam - issue after FW upgrade


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May 25, 2015
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I have updated my EU version Compact Dash Cam with the US FW.image001.jpg
After that it will not take any SD cards, even when it has been formatted by the camera. (tried with multiple cards in capacity and brand). Before the fw update it was OK.
After turning on it says "SD Card Error - Record Stopped".

I have downloaded the firmware from the official webpage, that made my camera unuseable.
Tried the normal, and the emergency aid version also.
As the webpage says "Only cameras sold to US can be upgraded".
The SN of my camera starts with CK40AHEUBRXXX but the firmware requires CK11H.
This is how I have done it:
- I have downloaded the FW
- Copied on the SD card that was previously formatted and used in the camera
- Performed the correct update process
- After restart the camera said that the SD card needs to be formatted
- After formatting the camera says "SD Card Error - Record Stopped"
- Without the SD card, the camera starts correctly, everything works, FW shows the updated version.

I have tried it with 5 different SD cards.
Yi support is useless :(

Can somebody upload here the original EU version firmware, please?

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