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    Trouble/glitch free dash cam, must be one ?

    My DOD LS400 would freeze up for no reason. Then I couldn't turn it off with switch or power disconnect. Had to remove from mount and stick a tooth pick into the side reset. Also when I prepared to it back I couldn't remove the SanDisk Ultra 64 GB class 10 card ! To me paying $150 for the unit...
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    Trouble/glitch free dash cam, must be one ?

    I had a DOD LS 400W that I sent back to Amazon for a refund. Great picture quality BUT mam oh man so many glitches. It just plain wore me out dealing with problems.
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    Trouble/glitch free dash cam, must be one ?

    I very tried of buying and returning unit that are nothing but trouble with crummy user manuals ! There has to one out there that doesn't cost $500 ? :evil:
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    New Firmware for 808 #18 DR32

    JEEZ do any of these dash cams work as advertised ? I'm not going to pop again for a troublesome unit ! Dash Cam Talk seems oblivious to issues, I wonder who pays them ??? DUH !
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    DVR-207 Low resolution & frame rate

    May I ask what new unit you went for ? I was going to buy a DVR 207 until I read all the bad reports !
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    My DVR-207 experiences

    And the brand that will work is ? At $25 per card the experiments could get costly fast ! Seems these companies aren't really keen on supplying the US market with quality products ??
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    What brand SD card are you using in your DOD unit

    Hey a big thank you to you fellows ! :D
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    What brand SD card are you using in your DOD unit

    I am using a SanDisk Ultra 32 GB Class 10 and my video screen freezes up after about 15 min. of driving. The loop cycle is set on 2 minutes. And yes I did format the card with the menu option. Any ides ??
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    DOD LS400W latest firmware

    NO ..........................
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    Image quality in LS300W/LS400W/LS430

    I personally "think" that these Chinese cams are one cut above ............. junk. Way to many problems, buggy soft ware,lousy user manuals, over heating, updates that no one can get, on and on ! Spend your yankee dollars and the speeds are not MPH but KPH, not really for the US market ! Just...
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    DOD LS400W latest firmware

    I used SanDisk Ultra 32 GB class 10 . Any idea what the issue is ? I set looping at 2 minutes.
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    DOD LS400W latest firmware

    Don't want to hijack your thread but how do you correctly format the SD card ? I used the format choice in the unit and cam froze up after 20 min. of usage, HELP !
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    Bad experience with GT300W from Foxoffer.

    Try seating the mem card using the tip of a ball point pen. Worked for me on the LS400W. Other than that I feel these DOD units are well :evil:
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    DOD LS400W

    After struggling with this unit for 3 days I'm returning it to Amazon for a refund. Nothing but problems and a crummy manual. Unit froze up on a 10 mile trip and wouldn't reboot. I'm using the SanDisk 32 mg class 10 card by the way. I was expecting much better from a mid priced unit ! :evil...