1. C

    Help please - 312

    Hi, I'm in desperate need of some advice please. I have had my dash cam around 2 and a half years and have never had a problem with it. Around a month ago i was completing updates on my laptop and the Nextbase software said a possible update is due on my dashcam so i went ahead and plugged it...
  2. J

    Problem with connection

    Hi, i am trying to connect my 312gw to my s10 but it connects with no internet so i cannot progress.
  3. R

    Inconsistent Number Plate, Speed and GPS output

    Ok, so I have the Nextbase 321GW. Not used it for six months since taking it out of my mobile home but just started to use it in my regular car. I've selected number plate, speed and GPS location to be present on-screen in the menu system. Today I went on a journey of approx twenty miles and...
  4. K

    512GW and 412GW Parking Mode & iOS CamViewer

    Hi all, Used this forum a few times to get my head around prospective purchases. Initially had a 312GW for intended use for independent front and rear cams but noticed they don't include the intelligent parking modes which you can hard wire to a perm live fuse. Anyway, current issues I'm...
  5. twin-k84

    312GW wifi problems

    Hi all, I have just got my new dash cam and I have to admit I'm quite disappointed! I'm unable to preview/download the videos from the Nextbase 312GW to my mobile. When I activate the WiFi mode, phone connects OK, then I load the Cam Viewer, it displays the live cam preview but when going to...
  6. RedDevil91

    Nextbase 312GW playback issue

    Hi, I've had a nextbase 312gw dash cam in the car for about 2 years now, no problems. Except I noticed there was a firmware update 6.4 I believe, so I've updated the firmware without any issues. Except today I wanted to view one of the videos and when it playbacks, it's almost like it's...
  7. A

    Low battery on Nextbase 312GW

    My Nextbase 312GW has started displaying "low battery" whenever it comes on in parking mode (i.e. unplugged). I would think it's getting recharged enough, because I always have it plugged in when driving, and often I forget and leave it plugged in overnight. (In fact when I left it plugged in...
  8. NextBase Support

    Your questions answered.

    Hello, I would like to start a thread for any questions that some of you may have that haven't been answered in previous posts or even just for clarification. Fire away :D