1. P

    Doesn't record and SD Card problem

    Hi, I bought 322GW few days ago, was working fine for 3 days, after firmware update through my android smartphone the problems started. After it restarted after firmware update It said that I need to format my SD card (why?) so I took out my SD card from Dash cam and moved few video files to my...
  2. M

    SD card and camera problems

    Hi All, I wonder if anyone can help me? I have a recent hardwired camera front and back bought in a Nextbase 322GW bundle which also included the nextbase sd card. The camera has been replaced 3 x by Halfords - twice on the same day as the fitter noticed it was so hot it almost burnt his hand...
  3. othonleon

    Newbie Questions

    Hello community! I have a couple of questions: a) When I removed my new 322GW from its base, I noticed it was very (very) hot; is that normal? b) Am I supposed to manually stop the recording every time I get to my destination? c) To watch the recordings on the iPhone app, I can do that only if...