1. ENK2302

    Maximum SD card size?

    Folks here seem to be using cards larger than 128GB, yet the specs seem to say that the max is 128. I bought 2 128 cards, Samsung extreme Pro versions. Should I have purchased a larger card? I already used one in my phone, so the other could be a decent spare, but is there a hard maximum size...
  2. T

    SD card keeps breaking (SanDisk Ultra Class 10 32GB)

    When I first got the Blackvue DR650GW-1CH (late 2015) I used a SanDisk Ultra Class 10 32GB micro SD. It lasted for 18 months. I am aware that a SD card will eventually break and will not last forever. I formatted it every month and looked after it very well. When it died, I found out that it had...
  3. NextBase Support

    Your questions answered.

    Hello, I would like to start a thread for any questions that some of you may have that haven't been answered in previous posts or even just for clarification. Fire away :D
  4. spotmom

    SG9665GC not looping

    I have searched the forum for a similar issue and have found none so I will make my own. I have been running a Transcend Premium 300x 32gb card in this cam. On Feb 2nd I saw a car that was a suspect in some burglaries so I hit the lock button and drove with that car for a while getting the...