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    Sj5000+ wifi + development usign web api

    Hello, I'm making a mini submarine and looking for a action cam to take some pictures and some recordings. Idea is that camera connects raspberry pi with wi-fi(station mode, so it has no different than a smartphone connects home network) and 3g modem connects raspberry usign usb connection...
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    Changing configurations using config.txt wirelessly

    Hello all, I'm trying to make a device that will work underwater and capture images and videos. I can control the camera usign the "https://github.com/nutsey/novatek-web-api-commands/blob/command-list/nt-web-api-commands.txt" taking snaps capturing videos downloading images etc. but i can't...
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    Capturing live stream from an android app

    I am developing an Android application that aim to capture the live stream of a wide angle dash camera. I am looking for a dash cam (with good optical specs, especially with wide angle) that streams the video via USB or Wifi, not just to their own app but via some type of documented/standard...